The activities of the Oregon Executives Association are planned and carried out by our committees.  Members are encouraged to join one or more committees.  It’s a great way to get to know other members and have fun while giving back to the organization.

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee plans the annual OEA Auction, which is our primary annual fundraiser, supports our 2nd Thursday event and works with the Membership committee to plan new member events.  A fun committee always looking for new ideas!

Member Relations

Member Relations focuses on business relationships between members.  If any member has a business concern about another member; is unable to settle disputes; or has concerns about their membership: this committee will help mediate a resolute acceptable to all members.

Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee focuses on methods to grow and improve OEA beyond its current schedule of program.

Programs Committee

This committee schedules speakers and plans the programs for our weekly meetings.  A member business is usually highlighted, but we occasionally schedule guest speakers who are approved by the OEA Board of Directors.

2nd Thursday Event Committee

On the second Thursday of each month, an OEA member hosts an open house at their place of business.  This popular event affords the membership an opportunity to meet and socialize in an environment away from our regularly scheduled lunch meetings.  It also allows the host business an opportunity to showcase their work space and personnel.

Publicity/Marketing Committee

The Publicity and Marketing Committee reaches out beyond the OEA with media relationships, print and media advertising, and collaborative events with other non-profit organizations.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee promotes membership growth through new member events and membership contests, and encourages OEA members to invite luncheon guests in open business categories.  They also meet with all applicants to help inform the new applicant of the processes of the organization.

Orientation Committee

The Orientation Committee meets with all new members and manages the mentorship program.  The committee reviews all policies, procedures and history of OEA with new members.

Attendance & Business Reports Committee

Attendance at meetings is vital for all members to maximize the benefits derived from being an OEA member, so the Attendance & Business Reports Committee works with members who are not diligent with their attendance, reminding them that a minimum attendance of 50% of the meetings is required. This committee is also responsible for overseeing the reporting form that is used by the membership to record the weekly leads and transactions that take place amongst the membership.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the association monthly financial statements, the quarterly financial reports, and prepares the budget with the Executive Director.

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