Collective Intelligence, Inc. provides affordable and accurate screening services for thriving businesses across the country. Whether you are a small, family-owned operation conducting your first background searches or an international corporation conducting thousands of searches annually, our dedicated staff and progressive technology streamline the background screening process for you.

We know you have other choices. Here’s why we should be yours:

TechnologyWe offer user-friendly web access for ordering and retrieving results.
BudgetWe will not sell you services you don’t need or charge you unnecessary fees. Call us about lowering your current background screening costs.
CoverageWe have national and international research capabilities.
QualityOur comprehensive reports are tailored to meet your specific needs. They are meticulously researched by a network of professionals who adhere to the highest screening standards.
ServiceOur attentive and responsive customer service agents respond to your inquiries with promptness, professionalism, and courtesy.

It is with a profound sense of pride and gratitude that we serve our clients. Your satisfaction is our greatest asset, and protecting you from negligent hiring lawsuits, violent criminals, and litigious employees is our highest responsibility. Let us focus on the backgrounds so you can focus on your business.