Luxe Capital was founded by Suja Shyam, an accomplished multifamily underwriter, passionate to bring the real estate wealth-building model to hard-working, busy people.

While working to fund affordable housing developments for nearly 7 years, she began to replace her income through building a small, but mighty short term rental portfolio in Portland, Oregon. Reaching financial independence in her early 30s was an important milestone for her and there is nothing she gets more excited about than helping others who hold a similar desire to spend more of their time with their kids, family, and friends. During her time working in Affordable housing finance, Suja discovered the power of commercial real estate, specifically, investing in Apartment Communities.

Luxe Capital partners with successful and experienced industry operators to bring the best passive real estate investing opportunities to her investors. Founded on a strong background in financial analysis, Suja is passionate about helping people on their financial journey, whatever their goals and dreams may be.

Suja is proud and excited to be serving her community through multifamily investment opportunities and financial education. She lives in Portland, Oregon and loves rollerskating, mountain biking, swimming and exploring the epic Oregon landscape.