OneApp Guarantee was started out of necessity. Tyrone Poole, Founder and CEO, was training to become a firefighter when he suffered a gruesome injury that hospitalized him. With no insurance or income, Tyrone’s bills piled up, and by the time he was released from the hospital, he was penniless and homeless. Tyrone took shelter at the YWCA, where he made it his mission to help people find housing.

In his time helping people, one thing became crystal clear — application fees and the uncertainty of applying to properties were crippling. Application fees can cost upwards of $50, and there’s no way for an applicant to know whether they meet the property’s criteria. From this realization, an idea was born — one application, one refundable application fee, transparency to all properties. OneApp Guarantee was born.

Today, OneApp Guarantee remembers its beginnings as a service to help disadvantaged applicants find housing. However, we operate as a for-profit corporation, helping everybody find their next home. Finding a home can be stressful and costly; however, it’s also exciting! We’re here to reduce the stress, eliminate the cost, and help you find the perfect home.

Good luck and happy hunting!