PragmaGroup, LLC works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who want to take their businesses to the next level. We work with companies that stand for something, mean something, and have something to accomplish. We work with leaders to define their mission, vision, and values, then develop the strategy to move the company forward, set and achieve goals, identify the key metrics, and finally move the needle. We help build the tools, systems, and processes to carry the business forward to the next stage and prepare the next generation of leaders to carry on the tradition. 

When it comes time to harvest the fruits of your life’s work, we find the right strategic, financial, or operational buyer best positioned to take the company forward. We work to align your personal and brand values with the company to maximize the market value of the company. Most people get only one chance to sell their businesses. We help them do it right.

Ray Hanson is an Oregon licensed Real Estate Broker, Master Certified Business Counselor, Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser, Senior Business Analyst, and a Business Valuator Accredited in Litigation. His experience includes over 28 years of business valuation, consulting, and brokerage experience, marketing and transferring over 202 small-to-middle-market businesses and valuating hundreds of other businesses for both fee and marketing purposes. In his career, Mr. Hanson has consulted, valued, and transferred retail, service, distribution, and small manufacturing businesses ranging from food products to high tech. He has testified as an expert witness in business valuation and business brokerage.