About Us

You’re in good company.

Established in 1926, Oregon Executives Association is one of Portland’s oldest and most successful business networking and support groups. Rich in tradition and proven over time, the association continues to thrive after almost 100 years. It holds a lively luncheon meeting every Wednesday, and members become part of a close-knit organization focused on increasing member business opportunities and connections throughout the community.

OEA members are owners or decision-makers of companies with solid reputations for providing quality services and goods. Their business integrity is a credit to the Association and the community. They represent the kinds of companies with whom you would like to do business.

OEA is a member of the International Executives Association, with more than 6,000 member firms in the United States and Canada.


To promote the economic health and profitability of member firms through the exchange of business information and mutual business between association members. Our values demand quality and integrity in the products and services marketed by our members.


Core Values

Trust, Professionalism, Mutual Respect

Objectives of the Oregon Executives Association

  • To maintain a method of collecting, recording, and exchanging business information between Association members.
  • To provide for the promotion of the products and services marketed by its members.
  • To create and encourage contacts and cooperative business methods that increase the efficiency and profitability of the businesses of its members.
  • To sponsor activities that promote the success of the Association and its members.


Only one business in any profession is allowed, so competition between members is avoided. Once a member secures a position in OEA, as long as it is properly maintained, that business category is no longer open to any of its competitors. Some categories have been secured for more than 25 years.

What they’re saying...

Brad Hansen, Branch Manager | Academy Mortgage Corporation

I have been a member of the Oregon Executives Association since 2009, and it has been one of the most important groups of people that I am involved in. The impact, both professionally as well as personally, has been incredible! Not only am I referred business and give business, but I have learned and grown as a person in many ways. The support and knowledge I have gained through the relationships in this group has been a big part of my success. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a place where they can grow and learn to check out OEA!

Roberta Nopson, Real Estate Broker | Premiere Property Group

I was referred to OEA by a past employer when I ventured out into the real estate arena in 2002. My thoughts were that this will be great exposure, potential future business — the usual aspects one might desire in a leads group.

But I quickly learned my membership in OEA was vastly more. Each member has a nugget of knowledge that they freely share, converse, and problem-solve. Nineteen years later, my personal development goes hand-in-hand with my service to this organization. Where a balance of leadership and friendship blend into a tight-knit family of business leaders in our community, welcoming new members to share ideas and grow our businesses through third-party relationships.

Quality Businesses

Membership is not automatic, even when a category may be available. To maintain a high level of integrity, an interview and screening process that includes an on-site visit must be conducted prior to acceptance. Potential members are asked to join because we believe all of us would benefit.

Once a business is voted into membership, the owner can be proud that their company is one of a select number of firms recognized for quality and lofty standards.

Business owners and managers who have an interest in learning more about the Oregon Executives Association may attend a luncheon meeting as a guest of the organization. Please email Kim Kelly, OEA Executive Director, if you would like to attend a luncheon.