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The Value of Membership in OEA

The Oregon Executives Association brings business leaders together to network and provide support, promoting its members’ economic health and profitability. Our exclusive business networking association allows executives to collaborate and share ideas in a nurturing, non-competitive environment.

Membership Categories

Only one business in any profession is allowed, so competition between members is avoided. Once a member secures a position in OEA, as long as it is properly maintained, that business category is no longer open to any of its competitors. Some categories have been secured for more than 25 years.

We have several open categories, some of which are listed below. We invite you to view our current member roster to see what categories are already filled.

House Painter
Pest Control
Executive Coaching
Promotional Products

Become Part of Something Worthwhile and Enduring

Featured Member


Colabra Information Systems

Computer/IT Consultant

Membership Has Its Perks.

As a member of the Oregon Executives Association, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Weekly Meetings + Social Events

Surround yourself with like-minded professionals at our catered lunches every Wednesday either online or at the Moda Center, evening networking events held at member businesses, and special events, including our annual Auction.

Worldwide Organization

OEA is a member of the International Executives Association, with over 100 allied organizations around the world, providing you access to business connections that circle the globe.



Many business opportunities start with a personal connection. Generate qualified leads from trusted sources that form the lifeblood of your business.


As a member, you “own” your business classification. You can trust our safe competitor-free environment, knowing what you share with a fellow OEA member stays with them.

Advisory Resources

You’ll benefit from having a roomful of business expertise available to consult when resolving issues and getting results for your business.


OEA limits membership to businesses represented by an owner, key executive, or manager. Each business category can have only one member. Because we protect each category, competition between members is, by design, non-existent.

Membership Qualifications:

  • 60% of your business must be within an industry that is open (view the current OEA Member Page).
  • Attending member is a decision-maker in your company. An alternate attendee may be assigned.
  • Has a business presence in the greater Portland Metro area.
  • The business is at least two years old.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 member meetings/events each month.
  • Stay up to date on quarterly membership dues.

A one-time membership application fee applies. We carefully screen prospective members. Only those who strive for the highest professional and ethical standards make the cut, giving you the confidence that when you join OEA, you’re counted among the premier executive professionals in the Northwest.

What they’re saying...

Roberta Nopson, Real Estate Broker | Premiere Property Group

I was referred to OEA by a past employer when I ventured out into the real estate arena in 2002. My thoughts were that this will be great exposure, potential future business — the usual aspects one might desire in a leads group. But I quickly learned my membership in OEA was vastly more. Each member has a nugget of knowledge that they freely share, converse, and problem-solve. Nineteen years later, my personal development goes hand-in-hand with my service to this organization.

Ryan Graven, Matrix Networks

Matrix has been a member of the Oregon Executives Association since 2013. In that time, Matrix has onboarded several new clients that are current or former OEA members. More importantly, the group is a great resource to grow your professional network and learn from the experiences of business professionals in PDX. Thank you OEA!

The Steps to Membership

We invite you to attend a luncheon meeting as our guest to learn more about how OEA can benefit your business. Once you’re ready to begin, the process includes:

Submitapplication& fee. 1. ApplicationReview.Ensure applicationmeets basiccriteria. 2. ProvisionalCategoryClosure. Announcement is postedfor 3 consecutive weeks.Additional businesses inthat category may alsoapply duringthat time. 3. Site Visit& Interview.A site visit and intervieware conducted by theMembership Committee. 4. BoardReview.Board review ofapplication's and conductsfinal interviews. 5. BoardVote.Board votes on theapplication's and notifiesall applicants of itsdecision. 6. FormalIntroduction.New memberis formally introducedat the next event. 7.

*The application process typically takes 3-6 weeks from initial contact to final approval.

We Can’t Wait to Have You Join

Getting started with OEA is easy. Please call us at (503) 286-9959 or contact our Membership Committee Chair today for more information.